Fiber Optic Light Guides and Components

engionic Fiber Optics offers a broad range of products and services in the assembly and manufacturing of fiber optic lights guides and components, such as classic light guides, cross-section converter, vacuum feedthroughs as well as transmission-, reflection- and medical probes. For this, engionic Fiber Optics is processing a variety of fiber materials as single fiber or fiber bundle with a maximum length of approx. 100 meters, as well as various connector options.

engionic Fiber Optics also develops special OEM solutions for optical measurement applications upon individual customer request completely in-house. This starts with the construction, the development of prototypes, followed by the start-up of the series production and the continuous optimization of the products and the manufacturing costs. These include, for example, arrangements such as lens systems, redirecting systems with prisms or mirrors as well as products for special environments such as pressure barriers or thermally insulated windows.

Fiber Optic Lights Guides

Cross section Converters

Vaccum Feedthroughs

Reflection Probes

Medical Probes

OEM Developments