Wind Energy

FBGs are often applied in wind power plant monitoring systems for a precise control of several safety and productivity relevant parameters. Since FBG based measurements are immune to electromagnetic interference, they are especially well suited to monitor high power generators in wind turbines and are able to survive lightning strikes. High measurement speed and accuracy ensure an optimized and effective operation of the wind power plant.

By mounting FBG based strain sensors to the rotor blades, turbine load can be measured. The precise knowledge of the actual loads on the blades prevents overloading and assures that the wind turbine is operated in a load-optimized manner. In particular, the bending moments of the individual rotor blades and the rotor moments represent important information.

Furthermore, FBG based vibration sensors on the rotor blades can measure the individual ice deposition on the blades. This allows safe shut down and automated restart of turbines in case of ice events. This means that FBG based wind power plant monitoring and control substantially enhances and optimizes the productivity.